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CLIFFTON Scale: 0.67mm/ft (1:450) Gauge 3mm ('T' ) by Charlie Lickiss

Size: 17.5 ins by 13.5 ins ( 450mm x 340mm) (plus operator space), Operators:one [plus releif from host club], Transport: one car.

This tiny layout, which fits inside a briefcase, represents a fictitious railway line. The layout is built in a 132.5mm oval and has a cliff face tunnel to cover a shuttle to reverse the EMU unit every 5 seconds. This fictitious railway layout currently has 4 houses and 2 blocks of flats. If the viewers eyesight is good enough they will also see 6 cars/vans, 3 motorcylcles, 4 scooters, 8 bicycles, 4 horses with riders, 4 cows, 2 hoerses, 17 people, 2 dogs and a cat. These numbers may have increased by the time the layout is displayed at any show. The layout fits snugly into a briefcase and built by the owneras a personel challenge in scenic modelling. It is powered by either a mains adaptor or with 3AA batteries.

While challenging this little layout is also very enjoyable to work on, it has turned out to be a continuous "work in progress" as I tweak bits and add pieces to make it more interesting. Being so small, servicing the rolling stock would have been problematic if I had to do this myself and here TGauge UK has been invaluable.




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