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LLANGERRAN Scale: 4mm - 1ft. Gauge18.2 ('EM' ) by Ken Gibbons

Size: 21ft by 2ft (plus operator space), Operators: Four, Transport: Two cars.

Llangerran is, it must be said, fictitious.  Set in Pembrokeshire, It aims to represent a passing station between Carmarthen and the small Cathedral City of Saint Davids, that is, had the GW built the line. The timeline is set 30 years ago, at the point when the Class 33’s were beginning to spread into Wales.  As with many remote lines in the early 1980’s, traffic is still Passenger and freight. The existence of the quarry at Portgain, a few miles north of St. Davids, provides stone for ballast, the movement of which helps to keep the line viable.  As with much of South Wales at that time, Class 37’s provide the backbone for Loco hauled operations, both passenger and freight. They are aided by the aforementioned 33’s, 47’s, and the by now rare, and in decline class 46’s. DMU’s however are usually anything that Llandore depot has to hand.   The lines that actually did exist west of Swansea are set amongst pleasant scenery and had much of Interest for railway enthusiast. We hope we have in a small way demonstrated this with Llangerran.


Looking towards Saint Davids, with Dol Gran Cottage just visible on the left
46007 pictured during shunting manoeuvre
A shot across the coal ;depot', looking towards the MOD facility
46007, shunting done, heads for Saint Davids
Llangerran station, with a Swansea bound passenger service in the up platform
A portrait of Llangerran station building, with 4 of Uncle Henry's finest


This Layout can be seen at the following Model Railway Shows:

21st & 22nd October 2017: Hartlepool.


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