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HEDON ROAD YARD Scale: 4mm - 1ft. Gauge 00 by John Robinson

Size: 12ft 6ins x 1ft 3ins (plus operator space), Operators: Two Transport: One car

The layout was built by my-self at home and partly at the Hull MRS Clubroom. This is a freelance design based off Hedon Road in Hull. I have based the layout on land that used  to be  an airfield and later a speedway track, then a make believe story that a private railway yard was built to serve Hull Docks and the MOD traffic in the second world war. The layout represents when a private company took over the site and used it for road and rail transport.
There are three main scenic boards, featuring scratch built buildings and shunting tracks that serve an Oil Terminal, with a van and scrap loading area. Low relief warehousing and two oil storage tanks to give it an industrial setting. The middle board has two loading towers for loading road and rail. A working loading tower sits across the rear railway track, which looks good with a shunter and wagons being loaded with stone. The same track is used for container trains, which reverse into a rear fiddle yard on the main scenic board and loaded by hand.

The Scrap Terminal has a proper loading area with diggers and trucks, low relief building and fencing complete the scene.  All scenic sections have LED lighting powered by batteries. They are strings of LED’S bought from the local pound shop, glued in place from the back.
The rail traffic is controlled by two colour light signals and a Gaugemaster twin track controller, this is mounted on the fiddle yard. Four tracks are used to store the trains off-scene, which gives plenty of space at shows.There are plans to make further improvements to the layout in the future.
The BR / Railtrack era years are used due to the large selection of diesel locomotives in my collection. I use class 08/31/37/47/56/58/59/60 and five class 66s as motive power on Hedon Road Yard. They are in BR colours and EWS/Freightliner livery.

The main freight trains are oil/ scrap/stone/vans and containers. I have also created a waste train within containers which look good. A Railtrack Test Train or a EWS inspection saloon can be seen, along with weed killing train for added interest.

To book Hedon Road Yard, please contact the Hull MRS Club or E-mail me on: robinsonjohnbrian@yahoo.co.uk.




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