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LOCKWOOD STREET Scale: 2mm - 1ft. Gauge 9mm ('N' ) by Hull Miniature Railway Society

Size: 12ft x 4ft (plus operator space), Operators: Four, Transport: Two cars.

Inspired by the former Hull & Barnsley Railway terminus at Cannon Street in Hull the layout represents an urban secondary terminus. It is set in the mid 1950s - 1960s. Some of the construction of the bespoke platforms for Lockwood Street, in 1.5mm ply, were produced as a kit by Gavin Thirkell of Stoneybridge Structures, South Shields.  The area beneath the platforms was painted, before fixing down, to avoid glaring bare baseboard showing through the delicate latticework. Some pictures of the progress:


Stoneybridge Structures can be found at, www.stoneybridge.co.uk  
Stoneybridge Structures, Unit 2, Amos Ayre Place, Simonside Industrial Estate, South Shields, NE34 9PE.


3rd February 2018