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Pen-y-MadocScale 4mm - 1ft. Gauge18,2mm ('EM') by Steve Farrow

Size: 16ft by 2ft (4.8m x 0.6m) (plus operator space), Oporators: three, Transport: Van Hire

Pen-y-Madoc is a 'might have been' layout based loosely upon Porthmadog in North Wales. The Cob, that great man-made embankment at the mouth of the Afon Glaslyn, has not been built and the Festiniog Railway is a horse tramway, now abandoned. Pen-y-Madoc has not greatly profited from slates and has found properity difficult to achieve. The Cambrian Railway Company has built its main line direct to Blaneau Ffestiniog, the heart of the slate industry. This has siphoned off all of the traffic that used to be routed along the tramway to the wharfs at Pen-y-Madoc. the Cambrian has built a railway to the town but as a short branch and not the main line that Porthmadog enjoys.

The layout depicts Pen-y-Madoc, in Great Western days, in the summer of 1938. Growth has been slow, but the town is experiencing a period of precarious prosperity, being both a market town and a popular but second-rate seaside excursion destination. Unfortunately the clouds of war are darkening on the horizon. With Britain preparing again for war, surprisingly, the need for leisure is growing - to return yo work renewed and re-energised.

Whether the current prosperity will continue is a question that no one can answer. What can be seen is the start of a feverish period of activity for the branch. The explosives plant, a couple of miles up the branch, at Penrhyndeudraeth, is now working shifts. There are even plans afoot to reopen the silted-up harbour together with its overgrown rail link.

Ref: Railway Modeller April 2008.

It's Market Day
The afternoon workman's train brings the quarrymen home from Blaenau Ffestiniog
The up pick-up goods crosses the Afon Glaslyn
9017 crosses the Afon Glastyn with an excursion train from Wolverhampton


Pen TP


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