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STOCK GABRIEL: Scale: 4mm - 1ft. Gauge 16.5mm ('00' ) by Ken Gibbons

Size: 22ft x 2ft (6.8m x 0.6m) (plus operator space), Operators: Four, Transport: Two cars.

Stoke Gabriel is basically a slightly modified version of Churston station. However, unlike said place, the line here runs through to Dartmouth itself, and the Branch line to a place called St Mary bay. Otherwise, services portrayed take their lead from the real ‘branch’ that ran to Kingswear.
The layout is set firmly in the Diesel era, presently our timescale being very early autumn  1964, a time when Hydraulics held sway in the West.  By this time of year, all services were running in winter timetable formation, hence large locos appear on relatively short trains; with a Warship, Western of Hymek up front.  Whilst most trains are dealing with passengers, some freight traffic is still to be seen.
Of note is a certain Torbay area hotel, plus the remains of the old atmospheric system in the shape of one of the pumping houses, now used to pump water supplies.


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